Express your herd’s true potential.

EpiHerd helps you identify and address factors limiting your herd’s full potential. We blend gene expression data with actionable insights to unlock your herd’s capabilities.

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EpiHerd takes the guesswork out of performance.

9.1% increase in herd milk yield22 000 € increase in yearly profit

Average Daily Milk Production for a 65 Head Herd (May – Sep 2022 vs 2023)


Find the factors that switch off good genes

EpiHerd identifies environmental factors that have a negative effect on performance through novel gene expression data.


Discover the most impactful interventions

EpiHerd helps you take precise action that has an immediate effect on herd productivity, health and sustainability.


See results, sample more and keep building insight

EpiHerd helps you build more and more granular insight into your herd. Compare cows and heifers against your best animals to retain the best individuals for the future.


Why do genetically similar animals perform at different levels?

The idea that genes determine everything about an animal - its traits and performance - is oversimplified and outdated. The drivers are much more complex and variable: traits are influenced by many different external factors, from diet to the environment.

Why do genetically similar animals have different performance?

External factors can include things such as inadequate natural light or incorrect balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates - a multitude of things which would be difficult or impossible to measure routinely in detail. But we can see how these factors affect the expression of genes, and monitor this over time. Based on insights we gain from this for each specific animal, targeted interventions on diet, environment and management then allow them to reach their highest potential.

The insights we produce from gene expression are critical for optimising the performance and wellbeing of your herd, and for making dairy farming more sustainable.


Sustainability for all is our mission.



Novel data and insights increases productivity and helps farmers improve profitability.



Evidence-based agriculture improves animal welfare and reduces GHG emissions.



Resilient farming supports rural communities and produces enduring supply-chains.